Deliciously refreshing, lemon like and the scent of aromatic herbs: Gin is enjoying increasingly great popularity. However, note that one Gin is not like another. Each distiller has his/her own secret recipe for Gin. The main ingredient is juniper, yet to give aroma to the Gin, it is refined with botanicals, such as herbs, seeds, roots and citrus fruits.

Our Gin:
convinces with intensive juniper, gentle, refreshing citrus note and rich and weighty aroma of a mixture of herbs. The single components are perfectly harmonised. The final is full flavoured and long lasting.

The experts say:

Bester Lokaler Gin, Seaside Whisky Festival 2018, Bregenz

Destille Berlin - Crafts Spirits Festival 2018
Best in Class Juniper: Best Gin of the Awards 2018, Crafts Spirit Award Gold

IWSC International Wine & Spirits Competition 2016 London :Gin & Tonic Bronze Quality Award.

Falstaff Bars & Spirits Award 2014: 90/100 points – excellent quality
Very floral bouquet, geranium, citrus, cinnamon, coriander, aromatic and grassy-menthol, peppery. Consistent on the palate, very aromatic, earthy and ethereal.
Gin is much-loved as long drink with ice-cold Tonic Water and a slice of lemon or cucumber – or should it be served with red peppercorns or basil leaves?

What's your favourite Gin-style?


Prices Gin

0,70 l, incl. packaging 42,- EUR
0,35 l, incl. packaging 22,- EUR
50 ml 6,- EUR
45% Vol.  
Prices incl. 20% VAT. Requests/Orders can be sent to

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