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Fascination for natural aromas drives us to create innovative and delicious distillates from regional sources and natural ingredients. Long-time experience and distillation technique on the highest level are our credentials. Creativity and the love for experimentation is what we are known for.

The perfect distillate

Philosophy & Team

In 1993 Eugen and Bruno Broger followed their father Walter and distilled fruits from the parental orchard. Soon they inspired their families to join their passionate hobby. Over the years a distillery with highest quality claims emerged.

The Broger distillery is a family business in the true sense of the word, as the team purely consists of family members and is affectionately operated in their leisure time.

The Broger Team
unlimited variety


We are a craft distillery and thus produce handmade Whiskys. All malt and grain is ground, mashed and distilled on the site in Klaus in Vorarlberg.

While we use a variety of grain from Scotland and Bavaria, grain from our home region of Vorarlberg is used as well. In collaboration with local farmers corn, barley, wheat, rye and spelt are cultivated to produce a true sustainable & regional Whisky. To create an interesting variety in flavours we pay particular attention to the choice of barrel. The love to experiment with previously used casks such as Malaga, Madeira, Sherry, or red wine and many others, make or products balanced and complex.

Our Whiskys
Chef's special


A good handful of juniper, fresh cut limes and pinches of our secret botanical recipe, that's Gin the way we like it.

Drink it pure or mix it up as a refreshing long drink with ice cold tonic water. Varying with different types of tonic water and adding limes, cucumbers, peppercorns, chili or basil leaves makes it even more exciting.

Our Gin
Fruits in their most beautiful form

Fruit and root spirits

The range of spirits consists of typical Austrian fruits, herbs and roots as well as exotic fruits. The focus is to the natural aroma. Balanced and complex aroma combinations from fruits and cask flavours are achieved by storing selected distillates in barrels.

As certified spirits-sommeliers and member of the Austrian Whisky Association, we see ourselves as ambassadors for high-end appreciative spirits.

Our fruit spirits
Local Whisky

Austrian Whisky Association

Whisky is known to come from Ireland and Scotland, but also from Austria. We are co-founder of the AWA – the Austrian Whisky Association, which was established in October 2012. Today, it unifies 14 Austrian whisky distilleries. The Association's aim is to support the whisky production in Austria focusing on the individuality of the Austrian distilleries and their whiskies.
Have a look at the website and the range of Austrian Whisky: www.austrian-whisky.at

Austrian Whisky Association

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